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It s very interesting to be connected with filmmakers in another country

SONA MOGHADAM, Director of ” when the sypress whispers “

Dear WorldFest staff,

I would like to Thank you for my wins at pasts WorldFest for “SALVACIÓN” (BRONZE REMI AWARD 2011) & “CUANDO NIEVA SOBRE EL HIELO DEL INFIERNO” (GOLD REMI 2013).
It is a great honor for me and a joy.

I would like to Congratulate the other winners and nominees.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Pedro Jaen R.

PEDRO JAÉN R., Short films director


What a wonderful experience the festival was.
I’ll submit to you guys anything else I may make in the future.

Thank you so much,

Adolfo Martinez Perez
(Gold Remi for Independent Short Subject – Comedy, for Pain Staking).

Adolfo Martinez Perez, Director ~ PAIN STAKING

Thank you… again.
Hello WorldFest Team,
I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed WorldFest this year. I was fortunate enough to attend the event, and ever since returning to Australia it is constantly on my mind. The event, the people, the films, the energy, the positivity and camaraderie, and of course – the unstoppable force of human nature that is Hunter Todd – all made this the absolute highlight of my year. Memories of the experience pop into my head as I stroll to work each morning, and when they do I find an extra spring in my step.
So thank you. I just wish I’d had the courage to approach more people and chat to more amazing individuals while I was there, but everyone I was lucky enough to meet was so jaw-droppingly talented and committed to the craft of film making and screenwriting that it just overwhelmed me with joy.
I will continue striving to better myself and my craft, and if I am ever lucky enough to be involved in WorldFest again, I will do whatever it takes to cross the oceans and be there.
Thank you so very, very much.
Best regards,
Troy Harvey Graham

Troy Harvey Graham, Scriptwriter, WHEN YOU WISH

FROM: Nancy Bowers
TO: attend@worldfest.org
DATE: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 10:29:49 -0700

RE: Thank You!!

Dear Worldfest Staff,

Thank you for hosting a wonderful week for the Worldfest-Houston Remi
winners! I am especially grateful and overjoyed that the jury selected
my production “LeRoy “Critter” Wolfinger” to be awarded the Special Jury

The hotel accommodations were nice and the hospitality from Y’all was
exceptional. Elease had her hands full organizing and dealing with
participants, but always had a smile every time I approached her counter
with a question or just to chat (which was often;) During the bus
excursions, at times, the group scattered like a bunch of chickens, but
Ugo managed to keep his cool and smile while rounding up everyone. I
found most of the seminars to be helpful, and the one lead by Nick
Nicholson to be the most encouraging to me. And Hunter…Wow! He’s like
the EverReady energizer bunny; he was everywhere…How? He was there
constantly to make sure that everyone was having a good time. I loved
that he told stories before every seminar and every screening. He is a
“Top Notch” guy, for sure.

It was nice that most of the events were held at the hotel; it made it
easier to connect with the other participants. It was great to have the
opportunity to meet so many other talented filmmakers and exchange
stories, ideas, addresses etc..I have made some new friends and future
colleagues. Thanks again for a great week! Well done Y’all!

Best to All,

Nancy Romero Bowers

Nancy Romero Bowers, Producer, “LeRoy “Critter” Wolfinger”

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 07:47:17 GMT
From: Hugin Eide – Blue Bird Film
Subject: Back home
To: kathleen@worldfest.org
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Dear Kathleen & Hunter – and everyone else at WorldFest,

Just a few lines to tell you that we arrived back home yesterday – safe and sound – and with a jet lag and all😉 We had a really good time in Houston.
Thanx once again for selecting our film and thanx a lot for the Platinum Remi. We really didn’t expect that.
Attached you’ll find a picture that I posted as cover image on our Facebook page. Not everybody back home figured out that it was a joke😄
Our best regards
Katrin & Hugin

Katrin Ottarsdottir & Hugin Eide, Director and Producer ~ LUDO~ Faroe Islands, Denmark

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 11:46:42 +0200
Subject: From Giacomo
To: Kathleen Haney

Dear Kathleen,
dear Hunter,

I want to thank you and your staff for the amazing time in Houston, the spectacular activities held during the festival and the big emotions of the award night.

It’s a great honor for to receive this award for The Rule of Lead. Thank you for the support and the encouragement you gave to me and to all the independent filmmakers.

I wish you the best and hope to see you next year with my new film.

Warm regards!


Giacomo Arrigoni | Film Writer – Director – Producer
A Member of IQ – International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers

Web: www.giacomoarrigoni.com
IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm2985037
“The Rule of Lead” film: www.theruleoflead.com

Mobile: +39 338.9780289
Skype: giacomo_arrigoni

US Manager: Alexia Melocchi – Little Studio Films

Giacomo Arrigoni, Film Writer – Director – Producer, THE RULE OF LEAD

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 17:43:58 -0500
From: “Michael S Wayne”
Subject: WorldFest
To: “‘Kathleen Haney'”


The awards banquet was spectacular, the hospitality superb. I am so sorry we
didn’t get to connect, but I was very pleased about how well Sweethearts was
received. Thank you very much for everything, including your patience with a
rookie filmmaker.



From: Alexander Feist
To: media@worldfest.org
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 15:08:22 +0200
Subject: WorldFest-Houston excel list

Dear Hunter Todd,
dear Mesdames and Sirs,

thank you very much for this awesome festival. It was a great pleasure and honor to be invited

Best Regards,

Alexander Feist
Schiffbauerdamm 40
10117 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 46466881/51
+49 (0) 1723247860

Alexander Feist, Director, A LIFE FOR A LIFE

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 13:47:58 -0400
From: Fiona Graham
Subject: BIG thanks and much Gratitude!
To: Kathleen Haney , Katy Lea Todd

Howdy Kathleen, Howdy Katy Lea,

Thank you ladies for all your support and HUGE organization with Worldfest. What a BRILLIANT festival!

I enjoyed myself very much, I watched some truly creative work and networked with some very inspiring film makers, so thank you.

Plus – what a treat the Gala was and the Sunday Nasa visit, yacht sailing and BBQ, I feel very spoiled. As my first trip to Texas, I feel lucky to have experienced the Texan hospitality and warmth.

On another note – I just want to check, as from the excel spreadsheet of your website that lists this years Remi winners , ‘Elsewhere NY’ is listed of winning the Gold ‘First Feature’ Category. I did collect the Gold ‘Experimental’ (Which is a real honor) on the Gala night, however, I’m wondering if I missed collecting the Gold ‘First Feature’ award and it might still be with you guys in Houston?

anyhoo – I send much gratitude from my heart, thank you for such a wonderful festival, it was a real honor to attend and of course be selected as Best Actress. I was super thrilled, and this will help tremendously with my green card application!

warmest regards


Fiona Graham, Actress

Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 13:04:02 -0700
From: Michael baumgarten
Subject: From Michael Baumgarten
To: Kathleen Haney , Hunter Todd

Kathleen and Hunter,

Thanks for another great year of the WorldFest-Houston! Have fun tonight
and I then hope you both can enjoy a break from the action and relax in the
coming weeks ahead.

From all us filmmakers out here, THANK YOU for what you do. It matters.


Michael Baumgarten
Cell: 323-304-0586
Email: Javamikey@gmail.com

Michael Baumgarten, Director, MARTIAL ARTS KID

From: Eric Bair
To: “opns@worldfest.org”
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 17:15:17 -0700
Subject: Worldfest Thanks

Hunter and the Worldfest Houston Team,

Thank you for your warm hospitality and for putting on such a wonderful film festival! It was an honor to be screened at the fest and to win the Platinum Remi Award. Thanks for all that you did. I truly appreciate it and had a wonderful time. I look forward to submitting my future projects.

Eric Bair
“@Social #Connection”

Eric Bair, Director/Writer “@Social #Connection”

enjoyeDate: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 13:55:37 -0500
From: Jonah Zeiger
Subject: Thank You to the WordFest Team + request re: The ART POLICE
To: Festival Operations

Dear Hunter and the rest of the WorldFest Team:

Thank you for putting on such a first rate festival! What a ton of hard

I am very glad I was able to attend and we were honored to have won a
Platinum Remi for Dramatic Original Short for “The ART POLICE.” The awards
ceremony was a blast and I was fortunate to have been seated next to Nick
Nicholson. We struck up a good conversation and had a great rapport. I
hope to be in touch with him in the future.

The screening the next day went very well. The response was great and I
met few fellow filmmakers. However, it was a little sparsely attended due
to the many folks who opted for the NASA tour and regatta. I guess such
scheduling conflicts could not be avoided with a festival as large as

Finally, Hunter, thank your for comments on the film and for the
Platinum recognition. This is a great boost to our festival run. If you
know if any other festivals where you think it would be a good fit, please
let me know. If you were able to recommend it to anyone, we would be most

Again congratulations to YOU and your team on another year of directing
this one-of-a-kind festival. I hope to see you all again in the future

Very best,

Jonah Zeiger
Producer/Director, “The ART POLICE”
Good Twin Pictures

Jonah Zeiger, Producer/Director, “The ART POLICE” Good Twin Pictures

Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 21:31:38 +0100
From: jo@toldinpictures.com
Subject: Thank You Worldfest!
To: media@worldfest.org
Cc: “admin@worldfest.org”

Dear J. Hunter Todd, Kathleen Harvey, Alandri Morison and all the
Wonderful WorldFest Team in Houston

Thank you for the wonderful experience of the 48th WorldFest. I really
enjoyed the festival and am really overwhelmed and happy to have
received a Remi Award especially from fellow and experienced filmmakers
themselves. I very much appreciated the opportunity to come and take
part and meet so many inspiring creatives and see a great line-up of
original and beautifully made films. It was such a welcoming festival
and a very well organised one too – the festival hotel being the sole
accomodation for the filmmakers and the location of the masterclasses I
think really was a bonus too at a film festival and adds to the
convivial atmosphere where everyone could settle in so well and then
celebrate in style there too at the grand finale which was really
enjoyable and memorable. It was great to see my film screened at an AMC
Studio American Cinema Complex!

I wanted to write straight after the festival but took a few days
holiday to travel on in Texas which was also great and have only just
got home.

Thank you again for giving us all a fantastic festival and for all your
work and generosity. I will be sure to keep an eye on WorldFest in the
future and am now singing its praises – and, of course, am telling
everyone who helped me make my film what a great time it was and about
the award. Everyone I met there was so very positive and I am sure they
are also even more inspired as a result of experiencing the festival to
keep on going with the filmmaking adventure!

I hope you all enjoyed it too and I wish you all the best for upcoming

with very best wishes

Josephine Halbert
A Short Epic About Love

Josephine Halbert, Producer/Director ~ A Short Epic About Love, London UK

We have enjoyed success at WorldFest since 1985. Thanks to Hunter and the WorldFest team for their ongoing support of the independent film industry. You are vital to the marketing and promotion of the projects we labour over for so long. I look forward to getting down to Houston next year.

Stephen J. Payne, Director of Bricks & Mortar