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As first time award winners at WorldFest, we just wanted to write and thank you for a stunning festival and finale weekend. What an unrivalled experience it was. We will be submitting for years to come in the hope that we can savor that ‘filmmaker ambience’ once again.

Peter Sands & Anna Scott, filmmakers, Coming Into Money

That, sir, was a hell of a great film festival. I’ve always thought a good film should contain equal parts of intelligence, genuine emotion, and crowd-pleasing showmanship. Well, that’s WorldFest in a nutshell. As much as Hollywood most often celebrates what’s worst about film and filmmakers, you have chosen to celebrate what’s best…Thank you for everything. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. There’s nothing I’d like more than to add my name to the list of great filmmakers who won their first awards at WorldFest.

Peter Friedman, writer/director, Bad Dog

I truly enjoyed my stay in Houston, winning a Gold Special Jury Award, meeting wonderful people at WorldFest, visiting NASA, and having such a pleasant sailing regatta and Texas BBQ!

Helga Oswald, director, Clara

Thank you so very much! I wanted you to know that my Gold Award has opened a lot of previously unopened and indeed unpenetrable doors. Thanks again for choosing me for the Gold in the screenplay Thriller category.

Nina Savelle, writer, Kavannah Films, Killer Blond

A wonderful festival for the Indie filmmaker. I credit my WorldFest award with providing the momentum that led to a distribution deal with Iron Hill Pictures.

Chi Muoi Lo, producer/director, Catfish in Black Bean Sauce

I have just received my beautiful award and all this details about this year’s festival…It is a privilege to share my work at one of the greatest film festivals in the world and I am truly grateful for it. Your support will always stand out as a great inspiration to explore my passion for filmmaking.

Lewis Fojtik, Bid Me Run – Boston, MA

This was probably the 15th WorldFest that I have attended in person and the event continues to grow and get better each year…no one runs a smoother, bigger, better, more diverse film festival!

Robert A. Nowotny, Teocalli Entertainment, New Mexico

Thank you so much for WorldFest – a national non-profit like ours deeply appreciates your prestigious awards. You’ve greatly impacted Cable in the Classroom’s ability to secure celebrity spokespersons and behind-the-camera talent. Stars like Bill Cosby, Oscar De La Hoya, Alfre Woodard and Gregory Hines are attracted to our projects, not just because we donate resources to 81,000 schools, but because WorldFest has given us an official stamp of validation and approval! Thanks… for serving the Independent film community so well. Your efforts and true commitment to excellence encourages filmmakers everywhere to strive for the highest quality.

Taffy Patton, Cable in the Classroom – Virginia

Thank you for putting on such an enormous and well-designed production! WorldFest-Houston provides an unfathomably diverse selection of innovative and inspiring films. I met at WorldFest directors that I admire, and I found an audience that understands and respects my work. What more can one ask? The atmosphere is creative and energizing, and WorldFest treats its filmmakers are treasured professionals. My greatest thanks for a thrilling and fascinating experience.

Clay Westervelt, Writer/Director, Thursday Afternoon – Hollywood, CA

Thank you very much for my prestigious Remi Award! You have been a constant supporter of my work since 1994 and you have no idea how much these awards have encouraged me to continue in my quest to have a successful production company. I look forward to submitting my first feature when it is complete.

Gabrielle McKinlay, producer/director – Australia

Because of WorldFest, our first film “The Bread, My Sweet” has been invited to many other festivals, found our distributor and is enjoying record-breaking theatrical runs. It all began in Houston, and our thanks continue!

Melissa Martin & Adrienne Wehr, Director / Producer, Pittsburgh, PA

Since my Remi Award, I have acquired an agent, had scripts pitched to major production companies, and met with many wonderful creative people who have helped me in my endeavors, all because of having won at your festival… Thanks a lot, WorldFest, for being the turning point in my screenwriting career!!

Darren T. Lohr, Writer, New Kensington, PA

Thanks so much for making my first Film Festival such a huge success! Everything and everybody was just great! I want to wish you all the best of success and I have no doubt that my Platinum Remi Award will help me sell “Twilight Claire” eventually. I am now inspired to do a short for the 36th WorldFest!

Ron Toufar, writer, Ontario, Canada

Thanks so much for the wonderful news! I am really delighted and honoured to have been given this award, because I feel that WorldFest-Houston is not only a prestigious and truly independent festival, but one of particular high integrity in a festival world that does not always meet such high standards. The fact that me – an artist working on their own in a remote area on a miniscule budget – can win a Gold Remi just goes to prove the point. It is you who should be encouraged to keep up the good work! I hope that you go on from strength to strength for many, many years to come.

Jenny Chapman, Director, Argyll, Scotland UK

All those friendly and charming and engaged WorldFest people, and excellent festival, care and support, a great forum… can you imagine our amazement and our pleasure? The “Lurch” Team and I are truly honoured and deeply gratified to be receiving this great award, thank you from the heart…

Boris Hars-Tschachotin, from far-away Berlin, Germany

I wanted to take a moment, now that we are back in NYC, to thank you and your staff for an experience that we will not soon forget. We only wish that we were able to stay for the entire festival. As “Going Home” was our first film and WorldFest was our first festival, we felt privileged to be part of it. Thank you for all of your hard work in nurturing Independent Film and those who attempt them.

Bob Celli & Laura Delano, DC Productions, NYC

Thank you very much for including me and my film “The Last Place On Earth” in WorldFest 2002! I had a great time, loved the hotel, and was treated like royalty! You run a first class film festival and it was a privilege to be part of it. My hat is off to you and WorldFest!

James Slocum, Director, Los Angeles

I want to thank you and everyone at WorldFest again for conducting such a great festival! … The hospitality was impeccable and the screenings of my film went very well!

Kenneth Bi, Director, Hong Kong

I cannot stress what a lovely time we had at WorldFest! Everyone we met was so gracious and eager to share their knowledge and support, which is not always the vibe at some festivals! The food and wine at the Awards Gala were pretty awesome as well!

Lizzie Peet, Producer, Los Angeles

Thank you for making this weekend one of the greatest and most memorable in my life … From watching the movies to the cocktail party to the awards gala and the fabulous day at NASA and the HYC Regatta, what an experience to remember! I am humbled and honored that I was able to be part of it all!

R. Grant Gomm, Director, Black Lion Productions

After an amazing first time experience with Worldfest Houston 2006 by winning a Silver REMI award for the experimental-drama category for my short film entitled, THIS AND THAT, I am pleased to say that I will be submitting two further shorts to the 40th annual Houston Int’l Film Festival. Thanks to Worldfest’s prestigious award I have been granted funding here in Canada for these two new shorts films, hence why I plan to share with your festival.

Ritchie Mitchell, Director – Montreal, Canada

Thank you so much for your support. I had a great time at your festival and am so proud to have been a part of it. It was such a terrific event. The entertainment alone at the award dinner, from Bagpipes (which I can listen to for hours) to the Mexican Dancers, the Scottish dancers, all were fantastic: the cultural scope of the evening and all the films at the festival were tremendous. My friends and family loved it and then to top it off with the musical dance tribute to film. Not to mention the gourmet dinner and wine,,,I gained 3 pounds. Also, from how all the filmakers raved about the Yacht ride , Barbeque and NASA trip, I wish I was able to go, but being Nervous as heck before the screening I just lounged at the hotel. You are a special man and wish you another 40 years of a Great Festival. And again THANK YOU for making my maiden voyage so special. Please extend to all the Talent that put on the show how hard I know they must work and what a great job they all did.

Robert Davi, Director / Actor – Hollywood, USA

You guys rock—you are the only ones who know how to really run a good film festival. Thanks!

Joan & Hammond Hendrix, Directors, USA

Your contest offers a wonderful opportunity for screenwriters. Worldfest is one of the few screenwriting competitions that recognizes writers in every genre. The multiple categories that you offer, and the multiple prizes within each category, afford writers many ways to succeed . I’ve been telling other writers and industry professionals how much I enjoyed the whole process of entering, and becoming a winner in Worldfest. Every communication that I’ve had with you and your staff, has been warm, encouraging and supportive. I plan to enter again in 2011 and I hope that I’ll be able to attend the festival, as well. Thanks again!

Donna Lisa, Writer, USA

I had a great time in this year’s WorldFest, made a lot of friends, and most of all, won a Platinum Remi! That was the best moment of the festival for me! Thank you so much! Yes, your festival is very friendly and warm, and highly professional at the same time. I definitely want to take a part in your festival again with my feature film! Anyway, my festival circuits still continues since that time, been to Europe, and maybe going to South Africa next month!

Hiroshi Nakajima, Director, Japan