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Everything was laid out impeccably, and everyone was extremely nice and efficient. Already my Gold Award had wielded some power. In a meeting set for the day after my return from WorldFest, news of the honor helped in initiating negotiations as to getting the series represented.

Dave Bartholomew, Hyphenate Productions

The staff was kind and courteous, and WorldFest itself had a lot to offer both the Houston film going public and distributors looking for films for distribution. I was treated like a real VIP in Houston.

Adam Rogers, Vice President, Intl Film Exchange

WorldFest was a terrific experience for both of us. The people we met, the work we saw and the encouragement we received provided a much-needed boost after those long hours spent in front of the small screen – the computer – in preparation for the big screen. We have a nice post-festival buzz going and are experiencing firsthand the kind of well-earned respect WorldFest has in the industry.

Miranda Comstock & Liz Joyce, IndiVisual Productions

We met so many talented people and saw so many wonderful films from all over the world. We feel honored to have been part of it all. Not to mention the fact that we had a great time. It was a First Class Festival all the way.

Steven Christopher Young & Lisa Deanne, Red Truck Productions

From the very moment I arrived, I was treated with great care, respect and understanding, something independent filmmakers rarely experience, unless they can make some money for someone. Yes, it was the greatest experience, not only because of the way my film and I were treated, and the tireless work of your small staff, but because this festival stands for what I believe in: The Artist and his work. That said, I hereby claim WorldFest as MY FESTIVAL!

Joel Wyner, Pale Saints

For a filmmaker more concerned with passion than commerce, it is an extraordinary honor; it is a great thrill; it is a deep vindication; it is a great encouragement. It is also a career enhancing opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you for being the kind of festival director who actually cares about creativity and not just political agendas, who sees films from the standpoint of a filmmaker and not an agent. Thank you for creating the kind of festival which honors independent films and passionate filmmakers. In short, thank you for WorldFest.

Jason Constantine, Director, Ashes

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a wonderful experience at WorldFest such a wonderful festival, and I hope to return, with or without a film.

Will Geiger, Director

The core of integrity of WorldFest that inspired me throughout the festival survives as a validating flame now as I reflect on it. To leave the festival with such unshakable enthusiasm as I did is of course a reflection of the dedication and talent of the artists who gathered there. That you made this opportunity possible for me, that you have done so for others for more than thirty years, and will continue to do so, bespeaks a beautiful vision and commitment of which I find myself in awe.

Gareth Seigel, Writer

Thank you for such a fantastic festival! It was a huge success, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend so much of it. I have made some great contacts, and met some absolutely wonderful and talented people. I have to thank you also for the inspiration which the festival has given me.

Jake and Abbie Wein, Writers

My company notified me that I won the President’s Award. But the WorldFest Awards Banquet and my Silver Award mean more to me than the company award and the cash bonus. Your awards banquet was better run and the award, to me, held far greater significance.

Steven N. Karels, Writer

I was honored to be part of such an organized, respected and worthy organization. WorldFest opened my eyes and inspired me to continue my goal to produce and direct feature films and to use video as my stepping stone. Your inclusion of video in WorldFest has been a tremendous help in my career and I thank you for offering videomakers that opportunity and thanks for putting on such a well-organized and successful festival. WorldFest will forever have a special meaning for me. Thank you for such a great event.

Richard May, Producer, APRO Productions

The festival itself was wonderful, as were the quality of the films – some of them really extraordinary, and the awards banquet was unique and great. Thanks again for presenting a first-class festival (the others could learn a lot from you and WorldFest) and for making so many talented, creative people feel that their struggles are worth it. Our industry is often filled with too much intensity and fear and you somehow manage to inject it with a nice dose of joy.

Jane Ilsa Wells, Writer

Being from Switzerland, I have attended most of the major film festivals in Europe. By far, WorldFest presents a much better selection of top quality short and feature films than any of them. The superb organization and presentation of WorldFest is rare and unique in the film world. It is quite simply one of the best film festivals in the world.

Korrinna Sehringer, Producer / Director of The Cookie Thief

I was honored to have been part of such a fine and wonderful festival. I enjoyed myself tremendously, and I met so many great, very talented people.

Janet Mitchell, Director

A wonderful experience – your staff is exceptionally friendly and professional. I especially appreciate your energy and enthusiasm for Independent Films. You made each filmmaker seem special, as well they are. You are truly an Independent.

Rodney McDonald, Director

WorldFest is exactly the sort of festival of which filmmakers dream. It supports film as art and the filmmaker as an artist.

Diana Lucas Leavengood, Producer / Director, Will Knot Di Prod

WorldFest-Houston is without a doubt a world-class Film Festival! No one knows the festival business as well as you, and WorldFest was truly well-run and enjoyable in all aspects. The hospitality extended to all of the attending filmmakers was, as always, top notch. Perhaps more importantly, the encouragement you and the entire WorldFest team give to those of us operating in the independent arena means more than you will ever know.

Robert A. Nowotny, Producer, Teocalli Entertainment

WorldFest has a reputation of screening some of the best independent short and feature films available in this country and abroad. Not only because of the competition and awards, but because it provides a venue and opportunity for our fellow filmmakers to see the fruits and labors of our work.

Stephen E. Stapinski, Moushel Productions, Sporting Dog

I am a filmmaker from Slovenia, recently a Fulbright Scholar. WorldFest is one of my very best festival experiences – a vivid event where one can meet the best filmmakers from around the world, discuss new ideas and create a network of friendly and professional relationships.

Natasa Prosenc, Producer/Director

I am an independent filmmaker and have worked in film for the past 10 years. I was very impressed by your festival; the organization was excellent. The personnel working with the festival did everything possible for the filmmakers to feel at home and provided us with a selection of cultural and entertaining films that represented a variety of countries.

Marise Samitier, Caelus Cinema, Los Angeles

The festival’s doors were open to anyone regardless of their position in or out of the industry. There is a genuine openness amongst all attendees of the festival. This factors makes WorldFest unique, as many film festivals are only open to recognized personalities in the industry.

Chris McGee, Writer, No Planner Productions

Thank you for discovering our film. We enjoyed every moment of the experience and count ourselves lucky to have met so many fine people and made so many new friends.

Rick Barlow, Producer The Last Late Night

WorldFest is a superbly organized event ¦ the staff was extremely helpful, committed and efficient.

Gavin Hood, Director, A Reasonable Man, South Africa

It was an assemblage of artists…this WorldFest-Houston Festival…so many… so talented…and so hopeful. It seems fruitless to judge. Only to marvel at the abundance. To me it was a resurrection. A renewal of hope. That in an often hopeless, desperate ground of cinema, there still were seeds of future growth and greatness. May this ‘mustard seed’ of hope stay with you and be nurtured by your talent to flower to its full potential.

Cliff Robertson, Actor, WorldFest Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

What a jewel you have in WorldFest. It is the classiest festival we have been to, and shows the most intriguing, thought provoking independent films out today. Another thing that really impressed us was the way the locals came out to support the films and the filmmakers…that was great! You have a festival that, in my opinion, is unrivalled, and that includes any burgs in Utah or festivals with ‘dance’ in their names!

Jeff Hare, writer/director, BAD BUNNY PICTURES