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Everything was laid out impeccably, and everyone was extremely nice and efficient. Already my Gold Award had wielded some power. In a meeting set for the day after my return from WorldFest, news of the honor helped in initiating negotiations as to getting the series represented.

Dave Bartholomew, Hyphenate Productions

The staff was kind and courteous, and WorldFest itself had a lot to offer both the Houston film going public and distributors looking for films for distribution. I was treated like a real VIP in Houston.

Adam Rogers, Vice President, Intl Film Exchange

WorldFest was a terrific experience for both of us. The people we met, the work we saw and the encouragement we received provided a much-needed boost after those long hours spent in front of the small screen – the computer – in preparation for the big screen. We have a nice post-festival buzz going and are experiencing firsthand the kind of well-earned respect WorldFest has in the industry.

Miranda Comstock & Liz Joyce, IndiVisual Productions

We met so many talented people and saw so many wonderful films from all over the world. We feel honored to have been part of it all. Not to mention the fact that we had a great time. It was a First Class Festival all the way.

Steven Christopher Young & Lisa Deanne, Red Truck Productions

From the very moment I arrived, I was treated with great care, respect and understanding, something independent filmmakers rarely experience, unless they can make some money for someone. Yes, it was the greatest experience, not only because of the way my film and I were treated, and the tireless work of your small staff, but because this festival stands for what I believe in: The Artist and his work. That said, I hereby claim WorldFest as MY FESTIVAL!

Joel Wyner, Pale Saints

For a filmmaker more concerned with passion than commerce, it is an extraordinary honor; it is a great thrill; it is a deep vindication; it is a great encouragement. It is also a career enhancing opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you for being the kind of festival director who actually cares about creativity and not just political agendas, who sees films from the standpoint of a filmmaker and not an agent. Thank you for creating the kind of festival which honors independent films and passionate filmmakers. In short, thank you for WorldFest.

Jason Constantine, Director, Ashes

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a wonderful experience at WorldFest such a wonderful festival, and I hope to return, with or without a film.

Will Geiger, Director

The core of integrity of WorldFest that inspired me throughout the festival survives as a validating flame now as I reflect on it. To leave the festival with such unshakable enthusiasm as I did is of course a reflection of the dedication and talent of the artists who gathered there. That you made this opportunity possible for me, that you have done so for others for more than thirty years, and will continue to do so, bespeaks a beautiful vision and commitment of which I find myself in awe.

Gareth Seigel, Writer

Kathleen & Hunter,

I wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to participate in your awesome film festival. We had a wonderful time. And also apologize for not getting back to you sooner, or actually even talking to you as much as we had wanted. We’ve had so much going on lately, as since we’ve left Houston we have been in three more festivals and picked up two more awards. One was a grand jury award for best feature!

In addition, having so many of my family there, and keeping track of all that. Oh my, I think I need a personal assistant!

Anyway, it was your festival that kicked it all off for us! So, thanks once again. And we hope to see you in the future!! (We do have plans to shoot our next project in Texas next year.)

Jerry Alden Deal & Berry Deal, Filmmakers, Dreams Awake

Dear Mr. Hunter Todd, Madam Kathleen Haney and the Members of the Jury,

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I accept these prestigious Gold Remi Awards from the 45th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival, on behalf and for the entire cast and crew of the first Eritrean Feature film “TIGISTI” to be entered, to be nominated and to win two Gold Remi Awards.

As it is said time and again, it is here that excellence is recognized, talent is discovered and artistic creativity is encouraged. This means a great deal for the young Eritrean Film Industry and the aspiring artists to be Discovered as the film greats that went through this path.

Again, I thank you very much for showing us the way of hope to do better.

Ytbarek Cuddus, Producer, CTIFilms

Congratulations for another great WorldFest, it exceeded our expectations, the movies, the people and events were outstanding —­ a very special happening. I’ll spread the word!

Patrick Ei, –

Kathleen and Hunter,

We just wanted to thank you for such an amazing week — we were all so thrilled to win at WorldFest and to have such a great time and meet so many great people in the process. You two do so much for independent filmmakers, and your festival is truly the pinnacle event for independent film. Not to mention, you put on an awesome awards show!

So huge thanks from us all — we’re very proud to have premiered at WorldFest and hope to see you at many more!

All best,
John, Megan, Peter, Pyong, and the entire Heathens & Thieves team!

John Douglas Sinclair, Director, Heathens & Thieves

Dear Program Director Kathleen Haney.

I would like to write few words, I didn’t have opportunity to tell you in Houston.
I love father of American humor Mark Twain, I love the king of sad smile Buster Keaton. I admire the whole gallery of your humorists… And you showed your understanding and sympathy to my movie. I am honored and touched. Movies-art, humor and emotion – these are things, that connect (UNITED) nations. Big and small. I will never forget You and Your festival. Thank You – from all my heart!

Jozef Pa¹téka, Mrtvola Musi Zomrief, Trigon Prdns.

Hi Kathleen!

Thank you so very much for the lovely festival experience! Alina and I had a great time, met a bunch of nice filmmakers and moviegoers alike. It was very exciting to see “Garbage” pack the theater twice! We had no advertising but just a poster in the lobby and somehow we had over 200 people for both screenings. We’re also very honored and proud to have won Gold for comedy and Best Actor!!

We were at WorldFest for 5 days and wish we stayed longer! We hope that we’ll finish our next film in time to submit for next year. Please tell Hunter thank you from us as well!

Phil Volken, Writer/Director, Garbage

Dear Hunter, Kathleen, & Lauren:

Congratulations to you on such a wonderful festival this year! I was able to come in for the final weekend, met some terrific people, and saw some great films as well.
WorldFest certainly knows how to do it right. I’ve been to many other festivals, and I must tell you, that this is the best.

Hunter, you were marvelous as the host, and it was an honor to receive our award from you on stage.

Needless to say, I was shocked by the Grand Remi Award. It was totally unexpected, and frankly, I still can’t believe it. Thank you for recognizing all of the hard work, sweat, and tears that went into the Caras project. We are deeply grateful to you for this.

Deborah Novak, Director, Steven Caras: See Them Dance

Hunter & Kathleen,

Just wanted to write and thank you very much for the wonderful night on Monday. Truly appreciate the very kind introduction at the beginning of the night. Wish we could have brought more people out for you, but I think the rain and the late start time scared away a few people. My wife and I had our first date at AMC Studio 30 over 13 years ago, so it was a pretty neat to get to come back over a decade later and screen two of my films at the same theater.

Damian Horan, Director

just for a romance……….

premshrestha, student

It has truly been an honor to be included in the Worldfest Houston Legacy. To have won a Platinum award and to be named as a winner alongside giants like Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg and the Coen Brothers has been a highlight in my career and I will be forever thankful. Thanks very much to Hunter Todd and the Worldfest Crew! I will work even harder in my film career to live up to this honor.

Thomas Edward Seymour, Director

Dear Kathleen:

Vic and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful
hospitality you offered at WorldFest Houston 2014. The films were
fantastically diverse as were the attendees. Everything was topnotch and there
was never a dull moment. What a great place to screen our premiere! We are
so honored to have EVERYTHING IS FOREVER awarded by such a festival.

The gala was fabulous, and the entertainment riveting. Or as Hunter might say,
“Simply amazing!”

It’ll be a long time that me, Vic, and Nenad will be talking about
WorldFest and the fun we had.

Congratulations to all involved!

All best,

Stephanie, Vic, and Nenad


Stephanie, Filmmaker

Hi Kathleen,
We wanted to let you know we posted photos and a report on the Berlin Calling screening and WorldFest Awards night on our blog:


Thank you for a wonderful experience – we hope to see you again!

Kastle Waserman

Kastle Waserman, Filmmaker

Kathleen, Hunter and WorldFest Team:
Thank you so much it was a surreal and wonderful moment in all of our
lives. Nothing but good times for all of us.

Lonzo Liggins

Lonzo Liggins, Director STOP PEPPER PALMER

Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for the document. It certainly was a great event, and thank you for bringing the film to such a big audience! I am sure Ricky will be glad to hear about the award as well. A big thank you to you and Hunter for making WorldFest possible and bringing so many filmmakers together.

Best Wishes,
Jessie Lee


Jessie Lee, Assistant to director Po-Lin CHI

Dear WorldFest Team:
Hope you are getting to relax…now and enjoying this break and have a wonderful Easter!
I had a distributor out of NY contact me and saw our trailer in World Fest and
wants the screener now. Thank you again for the opportunity to screen Last
Curtain Call there. We finally just got a release date for Finding Hope Now
that we won Platinum there a couple years ago. It comes out August 19.
Oh one more thing.. is there a website to view the photos from the Awards
Gala? Thanks and take care 🙂

Jennifer Tadlock LAST CURTAIN CALL

Jennifer Tadlock, Director of LAST CURTAIN CALL

Hello Kathleen,
I just wanted to say thank you for hosting a stellar film festival!
Mahogany Sunrise’s cast and crew are very thankful for the wonderful
reception our film had at WorldFest. We hope to build off the momentum of
winning a REMI from your prestigious festival to screen at other film
festivals. It was a well organized, fun event and I personally enjoyed
meeting with other filmmakers from around the the world as far away as
Eritrea. I look forward to sending in my future projects to your festival.

All the best,
Scott Leisk

Scott Leisk, Director ~ MAHOGANY SUNRISE

Hi Kathleen.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for having us. It was a wonderful time
and I met some wonderful creative, passionate people.

Im sure that putting on a festival comes with its own set of problems and
logistical nightmares. But I can honestly say we experienced nothing but
warmness and support from everyone. It was a wonderful time and of course
very humbled to have collected an award.

Thanks so much for having us. It was a blast and I look forward to hearing
more things from your wonderful city.

Please pass my regards and thanks to your wonderful support staff.

Ps. Ill contact fikmink magazine to arrange this interview as soon as I
arrive back in oz.

Peter k

Peter Kirk, Director, HELLO FOREVER