Remi Laurels & Clappers

If you’re a recipient of one of our coveted Remi Awards, go on ahead and show off some of our laurels or clappers. They’re all yours now! Put ’em on your website. Tattoo ’em to your forehead. Show the world you’re a winner at WorldFest! Now don’t forget to link back to us, at

If you need a closer look, click on a thumbnail to open up the hi-res gallery. When you’re ready, select the checkbox under the image(s) of your choosing, or “select all,” and download the whole mess in one handy zip file. You can save images individually by clicking on the thumbnail, then Right-Mouse clicking (CTRL+Click for Mac users) on the hi-res image, and “save image as.” If you download multiple files in a zip archive, you can use Zipeg, for Windows and Mac, to unpack them.

Having trouble? If you’re unable to unzip your laurels archive, try using Zipeg, for Windows and Mac. Need a laurel for a year previous? Fire us an email at and we’ll fire right back. Swear.